sE = MC² – Part 2 [Methodology]

« sE = MC² » Part 2: The Methodology

Given the complexity of the different dimensions and their coupled interplay, it is essential for enterprises to base their Mobility-Collaboration-Cloud implementations on an all-encompassing methodology that takes into account the principal business scenarios as they come along.

In this article, the framework equation is presented. Then in latter articles, further details are discussed to see how the methodology can be applied to each scenario to implement the necessary and sufficient set of functionalities required. Concrete use cases will also be outlined from projects where the methodology has been successfully implemented for certain clients.

The Methodology

Our methodology is summarised in a simple figurative equation as follows:

social Enterprise = Mobility-Collaboration-Cloud
               sE = MC²

Here, the terms mean the following:

  • sE : refers to a social Enterprise. This can be any enterprise which needs to adapt to the principal scenarios. The connotation social does not singularise internet companies in “social media”.
  • M : refers to Mobility of the workforce and the enterprise in its daily operations or in its adaptation to new scenarios.
  • C: refers to Collaboration :
    • internally between  employees, projects, business divisions
    • externally between suppliers and coopetitors.
  • C: refers to a Cloud-based approach to the implementation. Can be:
    • Private or Public or Hybrid cloud
    • SaaS or PaaS or IaaS solution for ERP, CRM, R&D functions
    • Elastic resources on demand

The above expression is more than an equation. The left-hand side shows the vision and goals of the successful social enterprise. The right-hand side gives the complete set of ingredients required to reach the goals. The mapping of the vision-goal (left-hand side) depends on the key issues and wish-list on the CEO’s table. The implementation using the correct mix of ingredients (right-hand side) and the different phases of implementation depend on the scenario chosen.

In the subsequent article, is discussed in detail the different (right-hand) factors that contribute to the overall social efficiency of an enterprise.


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